My teaching experience has covered a wide range of subjects – including global engineering, introductory physics, writing, and interdisciplinary disaster resilience – and levels – spanning undergraduate and graduate levels. Here, I list my previous courses along with my individual coaching and small-group facilitation experience.

Previous Courses

Virginia Tech

GRAD 5134: Introduction to Disaster Resilience and Risk Management

Graduate Teaching Assistant, 8/2020 – 12/2020

I assisted the interdisciplinary teaching team in GRAD 5134: Intro to Disaster Resilience and Risk Management in developing course assignments and projects. I developed interdisciplinary projects for the course that focused on local flooding issues and facilitated student engagement with Extension agents and community members in order for groups to develop a SWAT analysis for community partners. To aid students in collaborating with community partners, I developed and delivered a lecture on how to conduct focus groups.

ENGE 1644: Rising Sophomore Abroad Program

Graduate Instructor, 1/2018 – 5/2022

I taught a weekly recitation to 30 students selected to participate in a global engineering program and led the group of students on a 2-week engineering-focused study abroad trip. I led the UK/Ireland track in 2018, the Europe track in 2019, and the Germany/Italy track in 2022.

Colorado School of Mines

PHGN 100: Physics I – Mechanics

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant & Lead Teaching Assistant, 1/2014 – 5/ 2017

As a lead teaching assistant, I developed and delivered mini-lectures on physics mechanics concepts to a studio of 108 students. I provided just-in-time support to student teams in 2-hour studio sessions twice weekly and provided individual student support in weekly homework help sessions.

Individual Coaching and Small-Group Facilitation

Virginia Tech

Fraternal Leaders Institute: Inspire – Catalyst Academy

Small Group Facilitator, 3/2021 – 4/2021

I facilitated a 4-week leadership training series for a group of 12 undergraduate fraternity and sorority student leaders focused on equity, inclusion, and access; value-based leadership; and risk management.

Specialized STEM Graduate Support, Writing Center

Individual Writing Coach, 8/2018 – 5/2019

I provided individualized coaching for graduate students in developing, writing, and editing their dissertations, conference papers, journal articles, and application materials. I also provided individualized coaching for undergraduate students in developing, writing, and editing their course assignments and application materials.

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